Tonkatsu Pengin — Sea Sighting Town (海の見える街)

Sorry I’ve been so out of touch lately!

This week I translated a song called 海の見える街 (Umi no Mieru Machi) from とんかつぺんぎん (Tonkatsu Pengin), which is nayuta’s new circle! VocaloidP Mamomo is in charge of all music and lyrics, you can listen to their other works on Tonkatsu Pengin’s mylist here!

I think the text may have ended too small and unreadable on small players, but I wanted to copy the style of the original japanese text so bad hahaha.

Before heading into lyrics, I want to say that mailorders for Tonkatsu Pengin’s new album,空が盗まれた日 (Sora ga Nosumareta no Hi) has opened! So if you live in japan, has access to an importer or even have a friend in japan, consider supporting nayuta and mamomo! Link for mailorder is here.

I’m posting kanji and english for the lyrics right now, I’m probably going to update this post with romaji and maybe PT-BR later.
Music & Lyrics: まもも
Vocal: nayuta
Illust: よしおさん
Main Translation: Shao
TL Check: Lampi
Special Thanks: Puri


Sea Sighting Town

In a certain morning, a girl walks along the beach
Eagerly drawing a picture of something
Much as she kept carefully drawing,
It’ll always be erased by the waves that come and go
This is pointless, I’m going to tell her
As I approached, I realized, my hand picked up the pencil
And we were both drawing the same picture

In the distant sky, our laughter resounds highly
Clueless that we would part ways
We had the whole world, and all the time in the world in front of us
Or so we thought

As time passed, I became more aware of our farewell。
The tide was coming up shortly
If our days together would disappear
As if they were meaningless, would I regret it?
When our memories fade away, can I redo them?

In the distant sky, your weeping already resounds
Embracing our memories that are fading away
Even though we knew that we couldn’t start over
We kept on gazing at the ever changing scenery

Do we still remember the scenery we first saw?
Can we really forget the time we spent together?
On that sky we drew someday
To recover our memories left behind
With this leg, I try to step forward

Even though what will happen in the future
is something that no one can tell
Although it’s pointless, even so
I try to step forward



ある朝 ひとりの少女が、砂浜に






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Blogging for the sake of blogging — games

So, it’s 05:44AM and I got nothing to do, so why not start writing a blog post, pretty sure people still visit this place every now and then.

I originally intended to do a bawwww life sucks post, even got to write it, but decided to not publish it because no one wants to read that, and it’s pretty dumb to blog about depression. If you’re still curious, as of now, my life is currently on hiatus, but I’m fine, or so I’d like to think.

I want to point out that nayuta uploaded a new song, called Life, by たまぁ~ずP, the same composer of a song she sung in the past, いつか笑顔、いつも笑顔. I should have a translation coming up soon, but lazyness always seem to get the best of me. Rather nice timing, nayuta.

By the way, I’ve been spending a lot of time with audio mixing, so if you recorded a cover or something, feel free to ask me because I’ll gladly do it, as it’s always good to get some practice. I recorded a few things myself, but I’m still not throughly satisfied with the results.

Aside from that, lately all I’ve been doing is playing games and keeping up with Vocaloid and 歌ってみた pretty avidly, so guess I’ll write about games today. I sort of want to talk about Vocaloid, but “talking about Vocaloid” is pretty vague itself, so I’m postponing it (it may never happen).


So, thanks to my friends iruchii and HiagoX I got to play 3 Playstation Vita games, those are:

  • Gravity Rush
  • Project Diva f
  • Monster Monpiece

I actually enjoyed these three games, and I think Vita isn’t as bad as people make it to be. My main issue with vita is how pointy the edges of the buttons are, by the end of play sessions, my fingers were all itchy, and that’s not cool. But welp I should probably talk about the games, right.

Gravity Rush: eh, Gravity Rush is a decent game, it got a good main character, a pretty cool setting, an entertaining story and all. Problem is that enemy fights are boring, or rather, they get boring with time. From start to end, the way you kill enemies is exactly the same, get to the right angle and Gravity Kick, using an occasional special move every now and then. It starts fun, but as you progressively reach the end, it becomes more of a chore, because you’re essentially doing the same things over and over, except there’s now more enemies and they are more tanky. There’s upgrades, for sure, but they don’t change the dynamics too much because fighting oriented upgrades will only affect the raw power of your kicks, and new special moves are essentiallly useless, because the first one you learn is by far the best one. I have to say I do like how much freedom the game gives you, though. You can literally fly around exploring new areas of the map, and there’s even a couple subquests thrown around to keep you busy. Overall it’s a solid game, I’d say, the concept is good and fresh, and the game is stylistically beautiful, but some essential elements to the gameplay are badly executed. There’s still room for a sequel and I’d like to see how it goes.

Project Diva f:  I think PDf is a solid addition to the Project Diva series. It’s basically the same games with a few improvements thrown here and there — it looks prettier, a whole new setlist, a few qol changes aaaaand the AR mode. That’s great. Both the models and PVs are looking gorgeous, making really good use of Vita’s hardware. The PV changes a bit depending on whether you clear the chance time or not, I actually like it because now you get to interact directly with the PV, it’s pretty minor, but it’s still cool, I guess. The setlist is possibly the best one in the series, and the beatmaps are so well made and addicting. I literally sat there playing the same song over 20 times, even though I was getting excellent scores every time. The game difficulty is still the same, which is actually pretty low, if you’re at a somewhat decent level you should be able to clear / get good scores on most songs on extreme, the two boss songs, ネガポジ*コンティニューズ and
Sadistic.Music∞Factory are somewhat challenging, but manageable once you get the hang of them. Speaking of Sadistic.Music∞Factory, first when I heard it on nico I didn’t like the song, but it eventually grew on me because the PV compliments the song so well. I swear 『ようこそ!ワタシの音楽工場へへへへへへへへへへへへへへ』  gets me every time. AR mode is fun for the first few minutes then it gets boring, as expected. Picture mode is surprinsingly entertaining and customizable, it even got me to do some horrifying things on camera. I like it.

That was it for Vita games, aside from that I played a lot of Smash Bros. Melee / Project M and League of Legends, I try to play these games from a competitive standpoint, or rather, I try to be actually good at these games.

Project M: Played a lot of matches with my friends, and the game is shaping up well, I’d say. I still don’t like some of the decisions they made, like nerfing Peach’s DSmash, or Sheik just being inherently weaker, but welp. Practicing Zelda and Fox for now, Zelda hasn’t gained much attention, but I think she’s super strong, as her sideB can zone super well, and she has crazy kill potential with her fairs and bairs, while they’re all excellent spacing tools. Her main weakness is that she has no fast moves to fight at close quartes, I think her fastest move is DSmash, which has a ~10F startup or something, but neutralB is seemingly a decent move to get out of sticky situations. As for Fox, I think he’s basically the same one from Melee, highly technical character with guaranted kills setups. I’m getting progressively better, but I get so frustrated when I miss technical stuff ( ;´Д`) .  I should be playing Lucas on the upcoming weeks as a thanks to lampiaio, he plays like a space animal, but I’m not sure how this will go. Yes, still play Marth and he’s still as strong as ever, but I’m playing him the same way I used to, so whatever. I think he handles some new character matchups really well though

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Status update 08/03

It’s been a while, but I’m still alive. Just got back from my winter break, semester just started and whatnot. Well, lots of things happened in the meantime and I don’t quite remember them all, so it’s going to be mostly nayuta and fighting games. I’m also writing a huge recap on competitive Pokémon but I’ve already written over than 2000 words and I’m not even close to finish it, so please wait warmly.

First of all, I made small update on the nayuta mp3 library, an user named nanakusa (what a  coincidence…!) was kind enough to upload the song いつか溶ける涙 from the album COVERST@GE, from the circle THEiDOLST@GE. Released during early 2011, it’s one of nayuta’s latest doujin works. You can download it on the usual mediafire folder or by clicking this link. Updating the torrent for such a small update wouldn’t be really intelligent. I got some information directly from EastNewSound concerning nayuta’s situation, which was really nice of them, considering buying their new album! And well, I can’t really talk about it on here, but she said she’s coming back when it’s time, I’ll keep you guys updated, I promise! On to the next point, I guess.

Last month I attended Heaven or Hell’ 12, which is possibly the biggest “anime” fighting game tournament of the country, and the and the Evo finalist on Melty Blood and Blazblue, LordKnight, joined us for the tournament! I grinded a lot of matches with him on Blazblue and Melty Blood, really cool guy, has no problem teaching people. Couldn’t win a single match on Blazblue, though, my Platinum is really weak and I have no idea on how to fight Litchi. Hope we can have him, and more players from overseas here again! Unfortunately, I got eliminated early in Melty Blood, something that I did not see coming at all, I had the classic issue with TE’s PCB with my stick and couldn’t use it on any of the Melty setups, so I had to use a different stick and couldn’t really play Len because I was dropping everything. I was forced to switch to F-Seifuku Akiha, a really easy and not so techical character to try to make something happen, got some matches, but ultimately, it did not work. Now I’m not making up excuses, I lost legitimately to my Arkhar and iFaiska and I will come back stronger for the next event! Losing on Melty Blood was kind of a wakeup call that people got much better and I barely improved, I’m grinding super hard for upcoming tournaments and hopefully I’ll take the next one haha. I was also supposed to commentate Melty Blood matches, which I did, but just a couple matches because the stream was having sound issues on the first day, and I had to leave earlier on the second day otherwise I’d have to sleep on the street, aaaand, I was super sick, could barely speak properly. But honestly it probably was for the greater good, because LordKnight commentated in my place and everyone praised his commentary hahaha. In any case, you can check these out on and . Surprisingly enough, I’ve almost gotten to top 8 on Blazblue, a game that I don’t even play. I was somewhat on a lucky side of the bracket and had to fight lots of Ragnas, a matchup that I know really well, but ended up losing to KMRiku’s Taokaka and Bauer’s Hazama. I’m considering switching characters and start griding Rachel, but I’m not sure about Blazblue’s future because Persona 4 Ultimate in Mayonaka arena is coming out very soon, and the game may die down quite a bit, so maybe it’s not worth it. On the brighter side, I got 1st place on Arcana Heart 3’s tournament pretty convincingly, guess I spent too much time on that game, but I don’t regret it! It’s a pretty damn fun game, shoutouts to everyone who attended the tournament. Meeting old faces from the internet personally was also pretty damn cool. Even though I was sick, it was overall a great experience and I’m looking forward to the next year!

Regarding P4U, I want to play it competitively but I can’t decide which character to pick. I want to play Mitsuru, but I’m really bad with charge moves, so maybe I should pick Aigis or Chie. Labrys has an axe, which is really nice, but I’m not playing low tiers this time. I’m really hyped for SBO!

Speaking of hype, Comiket 82 is looking so good. It’s been a while since I was so hype for Comiket, there’s so many good stuff coming out and I don’t know if my HDD can handle it. ;_;

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Status update 03/23

Last month I promised I’d upload a huge package of nayuta’s mp3s so people who want to download in mass don’t need to be downloading song by song. I spend a handful of hours organizing and renaming stuff so I can release a proper torrent. I think I’ve gone through every music, but I’m apprehensive because I may left something behind. Speaking of nayuta, I updated the MF folder with her three renditions of celluloid, ニコニコアーティストアニソンメドレー (shoutouts to ifeelingi) and some silly popular stuff that I’ve forgotten to upload ( ゚ Д゚)

Regarding the blog itself, my AD Carry Tier List post was getting popular, but that thing is heavily outdated and I don’t want to spread misinformation, so I deleted it, I’ll probably write a new one, but I have to think it throughly. By the way, I’m working an article “Mathematical Approach on Tier Lists”, it may take a while, but it sure is interesting! I also intend to do a full Black Rock Shooter TV animation review, but that thing is painful to watch, so give me a month. I have some game dev projects but I doubt that will come out of paper.

Concerning fighting games, be sure to watch bbrevo today because that shit is gonna be good. 7th Expansion released a patch that makes Lambdadelta playable yesterday for Ougon Cross, so you may want to grab it if you like to play shitty fighting games. By the norm I should obviously do some research on Lambdadelta and make a new blogpost with shitposting writing style so people can call me tsundere for Ougon even though I don’t play the game at all wwwwww. Speaking of shitty fighting games, be sure to watch this SFxT video (youtube mirror) because it’s amazing. I hope some guy using game breaking glitches wins evo. Now I want to play P4U because it has stupid strong characters and the game isn’t as bad as it looked on loketests (it’s still pretty bad tho). MBACC C-Seifuku still going strong.

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nayuta MP3 library

Mid-november, 2009, donthinklive posted this discussion on nayuta’s community on . At the moment I’m writing this, there’s only the OP with dead mp3 links. nayuta came out after a long hiatus recently with her renditions of Lost and Found and Nanairo no Nico Nico Kumikyoku, although Lost and Found isn’t exactly “recent”( ゚ Д゚) . But oh well, it seems she’s still sporadically releasing new songs!

I think most people reading this already know that I’m totally obsessed with her, but since last week I went back to reading 2ch threads about her, watching every video on nico, stalking on mixi etc. So I decided to do something useful once in a while, I’ll help to fill this library thing that never happened. It’s no easy task. She has a lot of obscure doujin works scattered around the internet, a lot of her old files aren’t available anymore, Clarus isn’t online anymore and I can’t purchase doujin ongaku CDs, as I don’t live in Japan. I don’t think I will ever be able to compile every possible nayuta work on here, but I did collect a lot of her songs in the past 3~4 years, and I think it’s possible if I get some help (dontthinklive/abeethoven I’m looking at you).

I’ll start by uploading my current nayuta library, be aware that some tags may be wrong, as I had this shitty habit of romanizing titles and filenames in the past and there may be some repeated songs (i.e downloaded from nicosound then downloaded it again because it was on a doujin CD). Please tell me if you see anything wrong.

I’m not using 葉月なの/ななくさなゆ/NANO/nano,h tags, everything is under the nayuta tag. I’d like to keep the 葉月なの tag, but now it’s too late to go back. In any case, most of pre-C75 should be tagged under 葉月なの and TAMUSIC / Exit Tunes stuff are tagged as NANO, iirc. A lot of her recent doujin works are tagged as nayuta, so don’t bother with Gothika and LC’s new works.

I’m aware that I should polish a lot of filenames, but I’m way too tired to do it atm. I’m also aware that downloading one music by one is annoying, so I’m going to upload a .rar/7z file later.

I still need a lot of doujin works, I’m already  downloading CLOSED/UNDERGROUND ぼくらにできることの、ひとつ。, but it’s on low seed, so it’s going to take a while. If you have a better link, please do tell me.  I also need ニコニコ動画&秋葉工房][ニコニ紅白~みんなで楽しく遊んじゃいました~ and there’s a link on MF for it, but it’s under password protection and I didn’t find any refereer, but I may be able to crack this password. I don’t know if anyone still has (nayuta’s own upload of Key medley) but it’s lost on my old HD and I’d like to have it back. The sound files on her nico blog aren’t available anymore, I still have a lot of these, but I’m 100% sure that I’m missing some.

Without further ado, here’s the link to my MF folder

tl;dr if you have a song that isn’t on this list, send it to me / contact me directly, if you see anything wrong, please tell me, this is far from done.

Continue reading

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MBAACC: Len information dump

Like the title says, I’ll be dumping Len stuff into this post. When I get a significant amount of information, I may update mizuumi’s wiki.

I’ll start talking about Len’s fuzzy guards, which are a vital part of her mixup game. I won’t go over on what a fuzzy guard is, because it’s a tricky concept, google it if you don’t know.

For starters, here’s a video of it being done.

(deep j.C / j.B) dj.9C j.2C 5A…

But of course this won’t be of much help, there’s a few details you really need to know to get it done.

During j.C/j.B’s startup hold 9 so you won’t super double jump, as the fuzzy guard only works with regular djs. Hold 9 during j.C’s startup, I can’t stress this enough.

When you get the fuzzy j.C you have to delay your j.2C to keep your combo going. If you do it right away, j.2C’s first hit will whiff and you’ll drop the combo. If you delay it, Len will fall enough for j.2C to hit

Shoutouts to bellreisa for helping me with this one.

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ougon erika stuff

ougon cross came out and

its bad

i played it for about 30 minutes tried my old team but honestly lucifer sucks now so i swapped her with a brand new character erika

shes pretty damn moe so i just picked her

aghhhhh shes soo badddd i cant do abc dash abc meta dash abc meta super stun jump c abc dash abc special she sucks worst character in the game etc

so i checked youtube to see if theres something of worth and nope just a shitty 2c jbc jbc meta super combo but hey thats something since umineko fans cant figure anything out as theyre too busy playing on princess mode wwwwwww

after i got home i invested more 30 minutes of my life to figure out some shit and here goes

basic bnb (a)5b2b5c dash 2b 6b 5c meta 2b 6b 2c 421a air ender

air ender corner = jc djbc j214a

regular = jc j214a

too far away do nothing

some other stuff

tk214a/b/c is a instant overhead and its followup knocks down since this game has no confirmable overheads whatsoever i think this is a very good ass

you can charge that scythe throw special during a 6c for spacing i think its her best option when playing footsies from far away but what do i know just do 6c then [4] very quickly then 6 a/b/c a version combos for very poor damage so i think youre better off with c for more frame advantage

shitty writing no formatting whatsoever because this game doesnt deserve it and i dont know why im writing this post

peace out


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